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多雲時陰 23°C 22~24°C
Hot Spring

In Jiaoxi,
a hot spring experience awaits you at every turn!

Jiaoxi hot springs are the only plains hot springs in Taiwan;
the water is alkaline and around 50℃ ,
it is colorless and odorless,
with a hydrogen ion concentration of 7~8,
making the hot springs neural springs.
The water is rich in sodium,
magnesium, calcium, potassium and carbonate ions.
After bathing in the water the skin feels soft and smooth
which is why it is called “beautiful lady soup”
(in Taiwan hot spring water in colloquially referred to as “soup.”)
The water also contains phenol which is good for the digestive system and skin.
The hot springs of Jiaoxi are regarded as the finest in Taiwan
and are known as “Taiwan’s original soup.”

Hot spring foot bath space

The busiest area of Jiaoxi is the hot springs area. To allow people to enjoy a hot spring foot bath whenever they want the township has built a number of semi-outdoor footbath ponds, allowing visitors to have a warm and soothing footbath while soaking up the small town charm of Jiaoxi.In addition, distinctive furo (baths) have been built in Tangweigou Park and Jiaoxi Hot Springs Park. Everyone is welcome to enjoy a natural and relaxing hot spring bath!

  • 站前廣場
  • 地景廣場
  • 溫泉廣場
  • 湯圍溝公園

Points for attention

1. Bathers should thoroughly wash their body before entering the hot spring bath(s).
2. People suffering from chronic disease such as heart disease, lung disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and other obstructions of the circulatory system should enter the baths in accordance with a doctor’s instructions.
3. Drink sufficient water before entering the bath(s).
4. It is inadvisable to be immersed in the hot spring above the heart.
5. Anyone suffering any discomfort while bathing should immediately leave the bath and inform the service personnel.
6. After a long-distance hike, excessive fatigue, or strenuous exercise, it is advisable to rest awhile before entering the bath(s).
7. People with infectious diseases should not enter the bath(s).
8. Women who are menstruating should not enter the bath(s).
9. Do not take any pet into the bath(s).
10. It is inadvisable for pregnant women, elderly persons who have difficulty moving, and children under the age of three to enter the bath(s) alone.
11. It is inadvisable to enter the bath(s) when intoxicated, with an empty stomach, or after a filling meal.
12. It is inadvisable to be immersed in the hot spring for more than 15 minutes at a time and to be immersed for more than one hour during each visit.
13. It is inadvisable to enter a sauna directly after taking a hot spring bath.

Points for attention