• Ideal for Living or Travel: Joyful Jiaosi
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    Date / 2013/04/23

    Ideal for Living or Travel: Joyful Jiaosi


    Blessed Home of the Hot Springs:Small Joys in Jiaosi Township
    Jiaoxi is like the synonym for hot springs. Indeed, Jiaoxi is home to Taiwan's only flatland hot springs, the waters of which nourish its hot spring tomatoes, water spinach and rice vermicelli. The hot springs not only warm the land, but also enrich Jiaoxi's agriculture and landscape. It's no wonder that township supervisor, Huang Tai-ping, is grateful for the town's blessings of bountiful produce and a multitude of attractions.
    In the Tourism Bureau's 2012 Top 10 Small Tourist Towns contest, Jiaoxi's natural bounty and warm hospitality won it a top spot amongst fierce competition.
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