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Flights & Transfer Info.

Foreign visitors can fly to Taiwan and then transfer to other means of transport to get to Jiaoxi. Selected routes and flight times are shown below:

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From Tokyo, Japanaround three and a half hours.
From Seoul, South Koreaaround two hours and 25 minutes.
From Shanghai, China around two hours.
From Hong Kong,around 40 minutes.
From Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,around four hours and 30 minutes.
From Singapore, around four hours and 25 minutes.

Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport


Voice inquiry system:+886-3-3983728

Terminal 1 service hotline:+886-3-3982143

Terminal 2 service hotline:+886-3-3983274

Emergency incident handling service hotline:886-3-3982050

Around two hours are required to get to from the airport to Jiaoxi.

‧ Around 60 minutes are required to get from Taoyuan International Airport to Taipei Railway Station/ Taipei Bus Station.
‧ Around 75 minutes are needed to get from Taipei to Jiaoxi by train.
‧ Around 60 minutes are required to get to Jiaoxi by bus from Taipei Bus Station on a Kamalan Bus Co. bus.

From Tokyo, Japanaround three hours and 15 minutes.
From Shanghai, Chinaaround two hours and 10 minutes.

Taipei SongShan Airport


Voice inquiry system:+886-2-8770-3456

Inquiries can be made about domestic airline seat reservation telephone numbers and flights 24 hours a day.

International service hotline:+886-2-8770-3430

Open:05:30 ~ 23:00

Around one hour are required to get to from the airport to Jiaoxi.

Take the MRT from Songshan Airport station > Zhongxiao-Dunhua station > Taipei City Government station, taking around 20 minutes. Then around 40 minutes are required to get to Jiaoxi by Capital Bus Co. bus from Taipei City Government station.

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