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Hot springs health LOHAS town In love with Jiaoxi’s hot springs

Located at northeast of Yilan County,
Provincial Highway No.2 and No.9 and railway
have passed through Jiaoxi Township,
so it is convenient to get here by any transportation,
Jiaoxi is a place with rich agricultural products,
and hot spring ehich makes
Jiaoxi the best spot for leisure and living.


Last name: Female
Birthplace: Jiaoxi
Height: Two bathtubs high
Personality : kind and generous, friendly
Favorite food: Hot spring tomatoes


Last name: Male
Birthplace: Jiaoxi
Height: Two bathtubs tall
Personality : Personality: Lively, energetic
Favorite food: Hot spring loofah

Yilan Oval kumquat


Bamboo shoots

Towel gourds

Water spinach

Hot springs are the most precious treasures of Jiaoxi. These hot spring resources given by nature have been used to develop various ways of enjoying a hot spring bath. Following the development of hot springs resources, soft-shelled turtles, ornamental fish and the "four hot springs treasures" reared or grown in hot spring water have become local special products of which the township is deservedly proud and also add to the place's appeal to tourist. As well as hot springs, Jiaoxi also has lakes, rivers, trails and other scenic resources, as well as history and traditional culture passed down through generations. The conditions conducive to the development of tourism and the uncomplicated nature and warmth of the people led to Jiaoxi being named number one of the Top 10 Tourist Small Towns of Taiwan by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau.

The frst friendly business travel stations in Taiwan have been established in Jiaoxi. 33 local businesses provide friendly service, building a friendly travel environment. Stations designated as Level four travel information stations by the Tourism Bureau provide information, a nursing room, free use of wash basins, water, air for bicycles etc letting visitors to the area feel the human warmth of Jiaoxi.

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